We aim to make your building projects simple, efficient and effective. From a small building to a property portfolio, we use the latest 3D laser scanning technology to capture every detail of you premises so we can create the plans and 3D models your project so rightly deserves. Accurate, cost effective, and time efficient surveys, with no disruption to your everyday operations. With numerous years of essential, specific industry knowledge, experience and kudos, our colleagues can walk you through the process of ensuring that your data is accurate, up to date and essentially ‘fit for purpose’ before any other work is undertaken. So you can relax from day one with the surety that you project survey data will be right, before it commences through the design and build process.

We are ''Spatial Jigsaw''

Our Expertise

Our expertise is garnered over many years operating within the built environment and other specialist industries, offering our clients step change processes and services. We aim to demonstrate the considerable advantages and added value accurate 3D survey data and exceptional CAD deliverables bring to any project, large or small.

Operating at the forefront of this industry, since the inception of 3D laser scanning as a commercial offering, our knowledge and expertise has expanded the horizons of our client base from ‘what was, to what is’ achievable within your built environment projects.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is quite simple... ‘Service second to none’. This lies at the heart of what we offer. Quite simply, we aim to relieve the pressure from that initial start up when commencing a project, by ensuring your survey data is fit for purpose. We pride ourselves on first class customer service, leading to long lasting relationships, based on trust and a ‘get it right’ attitude.

Our Commitment to Results

Our results are there to be seen. During initial conversations we will discuss your needs in depth, offering to demonstrate our credentials with a meeting to ensure all expectations are realised. We can demonstrate a history of working with blue chip clients on blue chip projects, where repeat business and referrals speak volumes. Because at the end of the day ‘people do business with people’!

Our Experience

We have been at the forefront of the Reality Capture industry since its inception. Utilising 3D laser scanning to capture the data and transforming this into industry leading 2D and 3D deliverables throughout, not only the Built Environment Industries, but other specialist industries where 3D data is transforming the way people undertake their everyday business with the realisation of what is possible.


Real Estate Consultancy


“I have recently started using Spatial Jigsaw and I have found both their service to be speedy and their attention to detail to high. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.” 

Leisure and Hospitality

Hotel Owners:

"Their approach was totally professional and the results achieved incredible.  The detail they were able to produce exceeded my expectations. The drawings are now on file to assist with future developments".

Private Residence



"When I first heard about this “scanning process” I was a sceptic.  Having seen what it can achieve, I am a convert. 

We recently had the house scanned and drawn.  The detail obtained is remarkable and the ability to look round the building, incredible. I am convinced of the benefits".

The Team

Andrew McGeorge


Andrew has been a reality capture technician for a number of years working with various blue chip organisations.


As Co-founder of such an exciting venture, he is keen to showcase just what can be achieved through the combination of design, technology and the teams unique laser scanning knowledge and capabilities. 

All of which help us to offer tailored solutions that maximise efficiencies. 

When he is not on site with a laser close by or tucked away behind a screen visualising then he is most likely to be either playing dad or playing golf.

Phone: 07834726578

David Goddard


David's background is in Land surveying and Geomatics. Having learnt his trade through many differing projects across a wide variety of industries and sectors, each with their own set of new technical challenges. He has real world experience for almost any project.

He has been at the forefront of utilising new methodologies and technology within the sector, and is always looking for the next step forward.

Outside of work he continues this obsession as a keen follower of Technology and Engineering.

Phone: 07926114506