Our dedicated team of experts endeavour to provide the best Surveys and Models for our clients no matter the size of the project. We customise our offerings based on individual specific needs, from a single dwelling to a large property portfolio. So feel free to contact us today for an informal chat to discuss your potential requirements and see how we can offer a viable solution to get your project on the right footing from day one.

Measured Building Surveys

From a small domestic interior through to a portfolio of commercial buildings, a major concern when undertaking a construction project, is the lack of accurate as-built survey information. Unless addressed, this can compound errors throughout the duration of the project. Our team of industry specialists, utilise 3D laser scanning technology to ensure that your survey information is accurate and fit for purpose from day one. We use the survey data to create industry leading 2D and 3D as-built end deliverables to enable your design teams to hit the ground running, with the surety that the survey data is accurate and fit for purpose from the very start.

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BIM Ready models

Following on from the mandatory Level 2 BIM requirement for tendering for Government projects, the uptake in the BIM process has gathered substantial momentum, not only within the public sector, but also the private sector, and it is here to stay. Lying at the heart of this process, we specialise in the delivery of the as-built 3D Revit Model. This is an essential requirement, which sits on the CDE (Common Data Environment), where design information is populated and shared accordingly by the teams involved in the design and build process, forming the Federated Model.

Rights of Light Models

We offer a Rights of Light survey service to aid the surety of data for ROL analysis. From accurate 2D building elevations, 3D Mass modelling, through to detailed 3D Revit models, we can supply and link all survey information for a complete package for analysis.

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Training and Consultation

3D laser scanning is fast becoming the preferred ‘industry standard’ method for obtaining as-built survey data with the reliance of third party contractors to ‘make sense’ of the data and provide an acceptable end deliverable to clients. This can compound issues if the third party contractor information proves to be incorrect, possibly leading to conflict and delays. We offer a solution to this. Our experts offer training packages to your teams in the usage of point cloud survey data, creating seamless end-deliverables. This enables assured throughput of information within the confines of your own processes and procedures, ensuring your in-house Quality Assurance.

Mixed Reality

As the adoption of 3D technology becomes the “norm” and expected within all sectors, we constantly evolve to enable us to offer a cutting edge, next generation service solution to you. Along with our industry leading partners, we can offer a Mixed Reality solution to aid your project needs. Virtual Reality (VR) can aid your understanding of the make up of the physical environment, from layouts through to clash detection of individual elements. The ability to place yourself or your clients within the 3D environment is becoming another invaluable tool in the ever growing tool box.